Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

 By Ojukwu Emmanuel Chiadikaobi


In recognition of their integrity and commitment to duty, eight personnel of the Military Special Task Force responsible for maintaining peace in Plateau State have been rewarded for refusing a N1.5 million bribe offered by suspected cattle rustlers. The commendation came after the officers, stationed at OPSH Sector 4, intercepted 30 rustled cows at the Bisichi checkpoint in Barkin Ladi local government area.

According to James, the spokesperson for the task force, the cattle, belonging to Shehu Umar, were stolen in Mangu and were being transported to an undisclosed location when the troops conducting a stop-and-search operation intercepted them.

Upon interception, two individuals, identified as Anas Usman, 20 years old, and Gyang Cholly, 42 years old, approached the troops in an attempt to bribe them and secure safe passage for the stolen cattle. However, the officers stood firm in their duty, rejecting the monetary offer and promptly apprehending the suspects along with the bribe money.

During a ceremony presided over by Major General Abubakar, the commander of Operation Safe Haven, the exemplary conduct of the eight personnel was lauded, and they were presented with cash rewards. In his remarks, Major General Abubakar, represented by Brigadier General M.O. Agi, the Chief of Staff of OPSH, urged other security personnel to uphold similar standards of integrity and courage in the execution of their duties.

The commander further encouraged all personnel to emulate the outstanding conduct exhibited by the eight rewarded officers, emphasizing the importance of maintaining honesty and professionalism in service to the nation.

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