Sun. Jun 16th, 2024



Today Sunday July 12 witnessed another day of healing galore on the very popular Emmanuel TV channel on DSTV owned by TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN.

In the era of Covid-19 when most people around the world have been asked to stay away from worship centres, virtual worship on TV and other platforms has become the order of the day. Through its hugely popular Emmanuel TV channel, the SCOAN has taken interactive worship to amazing levels. One of such is the now daily healing sessions on TV where individuals and families from all over the world are now being healed of sundry illnesses, especially the pandemic Covid-19.

The Lagosian now brings you a catalogue of such healings broadcast on today’s virtual worship on the channel.

Tagged “Distance Is Not A Barrier Interactive Prayer Session”, many souls were rescued from sundry ailments. Among them was a man from Belgium who received healing from walking difficulty. According to him, “At the beginning I came to Europe because of Football. Due to the back problems I stopped playing football.” He was healed of the ailment and he got rid of the lumbar corset and patches he had been using.

The next beneficiary of these miracles was an Iranian woman who called in from Australia with spinal cord issues. Her documents containing medical reports were displayed by her on TV. Bedridden and stranded, she called out for help and she was prayed with after being advised by the prophet to acknowledge knowing that “It takes God power and your genuine willingness to receive healing…”
The Iranian was healed instantly of inability to walk and a stiff neck and she got rid of her lumbar corset there and then shouting, “Thank you, Jesus! I can walk! I’m free!”

As she reacts deliriously to her amazing healing, the prophetess that prayed for her advised her, saying, “In order to maintain this healing, you must walk with Jesus.”

The next recipient of this healing galore was a woman who had been suffering from disk hernia for 21 years in France. Despite using a lumbar corset recommended by her doctor she still had difficulty in walking. “I am suffering a lot,” she said. “I am tired of taking medicine. I can’t bend down and cannot bathe myself. I move like a robot… My sporting activities stopped becauss of the ailment.

After she was prayed for with the prophetess touching the screen, she expressed her healing and demonstrated her ability to move freely again, saying, “Merci, Seigneur!” that is, “Thank you, Lord.

Another lucky woman was Laura Del Carmel from Mexico who was healed of several years of insomia after divorce from her husband. She said she had been suffering from myriad of illnesses including noisy ear and sleeplessness. “I’ve visited so many doctors..but could not find a solution,” she revealed.

She further said that doctors diagnosed the symptoms as the result of deep depression but she complained of not having any relief from the cocktail of drugs prescribed for her.” After the interactive prayer session, she confessed to having been fully healed and she expressed gratitude to God.

Willy Kandolo from Congo Lubumbashi and a Director of a Mining Company in the Country was another beneficiary at the interactive session. He said he was suffering from acute toe fracture due to a fall in his garden. Since then he had been using crutches. He had on a moonboot which he said was prescribed to him in South Africa where he spent six months without succour. He also complained of difficulty in moving around the house. Climbing the staircase into any aircraft, he added, became a problem so he stopped flying.
During the ensuing prayer session, one of the Prophets, Racine reminded Mr. Kandolo: “Distance is not a barrier for God because God is spirit.” Mr Kandolo was prayed for and he also received instant healing.

The Kayebe family members in the USA suffering from Covid-19 were also healed. amongst other amazing healings of people from different countries of the world.

Last week, the World Health Organisation acknowledged the relevance of religious bodies like SCOAN in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic and since then many from around the world have been taking advantage of the efficacious healing sessions on the church’s interactive TV platform.