Tue. May 28th, 2024

By Ojukwu Emmanuel Chiadikaobi


A widespread clash within the music community, Grammy Award-winning artist Ayodeji Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid, has publicly claimed that even if he were to retire immediately, fellow Nigerian superstar David Adeleke, known as Davido, would not reach his level of achievement.

The bold statement surfaced during a spirited exchange on the social media platform X late Monday evening. The two artists, both heavyweights in the Afrobeats genre, are known for their substantial fan bases and influential music careers but have had a complicated relationship over the years, marked by occasional public disputes and reconciliations.

In his latest remarks, Wizkid referred to Davido dismissively as “my boy,” downplaying Davido’s contributions to the music industry by labeling him merely “an influencer with a songwriter.” He continued by asserting his own superiority with the words, “I got nun to say to u my boy! I can retire today and you still not on my level. You be influencer with a songwriter. Wish u well.”

This confrontation has reignited discussions on social media about the ongoing rivalry between the two stars, each often vying for the top spot in the dynamic and competitive Afrobeats scene.

Responses from fans have varied, with some supporting Wizkid’s assertive stance, while others argue that Davido’s achievements, including numerous awards and global recognition, speak for themselves. This debate has once again highlighted the passionate and divided loyalties among fans of the Afrobeats genre.

The music industry and fans alike are watching closely to see if this recent flare-up will lead to more direct confrontations or if it might open a pathway to a renewed understanding between the two music giants. Meanwhile, representatives for both artists have not yet made any official statements regarding the recent exchange.

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