Thu. May 23rd, 2024

By Ojukwu Emmanuel Chiadikaobi


The Kano State Judicial Commission of Enquiry on the Recovery of Misappropriated Public Property and Assets has officially commenced its review of the sales, disposal, and allocation of government property during the tenure of the former Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje. This announcement was made during the inaugural session of the commission, which took place in Kano.

Chaired by Justice Farouk Adamu, the commission was established on April 4 by the current Governor, Abba Yusuf, as a measure to investigate allegations of misappropriation spanning from 2015 to 2023. The probe targets various government-owned properties, including praying grounds, historical sites, cultural monuments, residential buildings, workshops, graveyards, and other public spaces within the city.

Justice Adamu emphasized that the commission’s goal is to assess whether there were any irregularities in the handling of these assets and to identify any officials or individuals who might be responsible. He stated, “Our mission is to determine if there were any abuses in the processes and to hold accountable those found responsible.”

Despite the serious nature of the allegations, Justice Adamu reassured the public that the commission’s approach is purely fact-finding and not intended as a witch hunt. “We are not here to prosecute, but to establish facts and ensure justice is served,” he explained. He urged anyone with relevant information to come forward and contribute by submitting details in writing, which may lead to testimony before the commission if verified.

The establishment of this commission is part of Governor Yusuf’s commitment to transparency and accountability in government operations. The inquiry is being closely watched by Kano residents and the broader Nigerian public, as it promises to shed light on the past administration’s management of key state resources. The outcomes of this investigation are eagerly anticipated, with implications for governance and public trust in Kano State.

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