Tue. May 28th, 2024

By Sola Ojewusi

Public outcry continues to grow as Nigerians urge Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Centre to apologize to Mrs. Vera Anyim for what has been described as undue humiliation during a recent church service.

According to witnesses and circulating social media posts, Mrs. Anyim, who recently graduated with a BSc in Law on April 13, 2024, was allegedly embarrassed by Pastor Enenche while attempting to share her testimony at the church.

The incident, which has sparked widespread criticism, involved Pastor Enenche reportedly interrupting Mrs. Anyim, questioning the veracity of her statements, and ultimately asking her to leave the pulpit. This action has been perceived by many as harsh and unnecessary, prompting calls for a public apology.

Ms Anyim
Dr. Enenche
Graduatuon list containing Ms Anyim’s name

Critics argue that Pastor Enenche’s response was not only disproportionate but also disregarded the emotional and psychological impact on Mrs. Anyim. Social media users have rallied under the hashtag #Odiegwu, expressing their disapproval and highlighting the need for compassion and understanding from spiritual leaders.

Supporters of Mrs. Anyim assert that her ability to articulate in English does not diminish her intelligence or her achievements, emphasizing that intelligence is not solely measured by linguistic prowess. They also point out that the recent graduate was merely expressing gratitude for her academic journey, which makes the alleged rebuke even more disheartening.

Community members and online commentators are calling on Pastor Enenche to rectify the situation by inviting Mrs. Anyim back to the altar for a formal apology, suggesting that such a gesture would not only restore her dignity but also demonstrate the church’s commitment to fairness and empathy.

The incident has highlighted ongoing discussions about the treatment of congregants by church leadership and the role of humility and patience in handling sensitive matters within religious communities.

As of now, there has been no official response from Pastor Enenche or the Dunamis International Gospel Centre regarding the incident. The situation remains a focal point for debates on ecclesiastical accountability and the appropriate conduct expected of religious leaders in public settings.

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