Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

By Sola Ojewusi

Former U.S. President Barack Obama has once again demonstrated his diverse taste in music by revealing his top picks for 2023, featuring three prominent Nigerian superstars. This nod from Obama not only celebrates the vibrant music scene in Nigeria but also underscores the global impact of African artists.

Obama’s playlist showcases the richness of Nigerian talent with tracks that span various genres. Topping his list is “Unavailable” by Davido featuring Musa Keys, a collaboration that seamlessly blends Afrobeat and Amapiano, two genres that have been gaining international recognition.

Davido, Àṣàkẹ́ and Burna Boy

Following closely is “Sittin’ On Top of the World,” a collaboration between Burna Boy and Tiwa Savage. The track not only highlights the chemistry between these two Afrobeat icons but also reflects the dynamic and evolving sound of Nigerian music.

In a surprising yet commendable choice, Obama includes “Amapiano” by Olamide and Àṣàkẹ́. This track showcases the fusion of traditional Nigerian sounds with the South African Amapiano genre, illustrating the cross-cultural collaborations that are becoming increasingly prevalent in the global music landscape.

This high-profile recognition by Barack Obama further solidifies the position of Nigerian acts on the world stage. It serves as a testament to the creativity, innovation, and global appeal of Nigerian music, making it clear that the influence of African artists extends far beyond their home continent.

As the world continues to embrace the diversity of musical expressions, Nigerian musicians stand tall, contributing significantly to the global conversation in the realm of music. Barack Obama’s playlist is not only a personal selection but also a reflection of the cultural exchange happening in the music industry, showcasing Nigeria as a powerhouse of talent and creativity.

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