Tue. May 28th, 2024

The Enugu government has urged its residents not to panic as the agric ministry is alert and proactive in preventing anthrax outbreaks.

Cosmas Omeh, the ministry’s epidemiologist and disease reporting officer, made the call in an interview on Thursday in Enugu.

Mr Omeh said, “Residents should not panic. The veterinary services department is alert and proactive to protect the health of all by daily ensuring disease-free, fit and wholesome meat for human consumption in all markets. Area Veterinary Officers and Surveillance Officers at the Zonal and LGAs, have been given the mandate to watch out for the clinical signs/ symptoms of anthrax daily.”

The epidemiologist said vet doctors are to report any irregularities immediately through the appropriate channel, knowing the implications of anthrax as a zoonotic and reportable disease in veterinary medicine.

He mentioned that veterinary and area vet officers “are already sensitising the animal business stakeholders, including animal handlers, butchers, livestock owners and merchants,” on the dangers of concealing information, including coming in contact with affected animals.

Mr Omeh said there should be appropriate disposal of potentially infected things, decontaminating affected premises and potentially infected items, equipment and facilities (stables/shed), using formalin, peracetic acid, and formaldehyde under different concentrations and time duration.


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