Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Comedian ‘Trinity’, who was recently arrested and remanded for an old Prank video, where he was seen abusing a minor by exchanging bad sensual words with her in the name of prank.

The Comedian was called out by a Police officer who opposed him for his risky pranks. Trinity almost fell into a greater misfortune feared ‘jail term’ when the Netizens flooded out comments wanting him arrested, like they have been waiting for him to be punished. He was later invited to show up in the police station which he obeyed and surrendered himself.
After the whole experiences, his picture surfaced online again, whence Fellow entertainer ‘Comedian Cute Abiola’ posted on his Facebook page captioned “TRINITY is finally free on Bail šŸ’Ŗ . I am wishing you all the best brother . May Almighty Allah keep guiding you to the right path . Amen šŸ™ welcome back ! Welcome back ! My guy don pray tire šŸ¤£ see him forehead”

Meanwhile, many Nigerians congratulated him, while some warned him to be more careful with his next pranks if he would still have any reason to continue pranking people.

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