Tue. May 28th, 2024

Media personality, Toke Makinwa, recently found herself in distress as she took to her Instagram story to share her worries about her surrogate’s intentions.

She revealed that her surrogate was on the verge of blocking her, leaving her in a state of anxiety.

Toke expressed her deep affection for her newborn child, confessing that she had been calling the baby incessantly.

Overwhelmed with emotions, she wrote, “Guys, my surrogate is about to block me.

I keep calling my child every minute.

My baby S., I love you deep.”

A Mother’s Admiration – The Beauty of My Baby
In another heartfelt post, Toke Makinwa couldn’t help but gush over her baby’s beauty.

She noticed a striking resemblance between her child and herself, particularly in the adorable tongue-out gesture.

Enamored by her little one, Toke exclaimed, “The tongue-out move just like her me.

My baby is so beautiful.”

Awe of God – Sister’s Long-Awaited Pregnancy
Toke Makinwa recently experienced a wave of awe-inspiring emotions as her younger sister, Busayo, announced her pregnancy after six years of waiting.

Filled with gratitude, Toke took to her Instagram story to share her sister’s maternity photos, expressing her profound astonishment at God’s faithfulness.

She eagerly anticipated sharing this incredible testimony with her followers.

Toke acknowledged God’s remembrance of her sister, likening it to parting the Red Sea and breaking the walls of Jericho.

She wrote, “This testimony has me in awe of God.

I can’t wait to share it.

The Lord has remembered me.

The Lord has parted the Red Sea.

The Lord has broken the walls of Jericho.”

Boasting in God’s Creation – Toke’s Blessings
Reflecting on her life’s journey, Toke Makinwa took to social media to boast about how fortunate her future husband and children will be because of her.

She marveled at the plans God had shared with her and emphasized how her husband’s children would be lucky and blessed to have her.

Toke confidently declared that God had taken the time to shape her, break her, mend her, and make her whole again.

In a tweet, she wrote, “The plans God shared with me about my life… if you know my husband, tell him Congratulations ahead, he is so lucky and blessed that God saved the best for him.

My kids too are extremely lucky because God took the time to mold me, break me, fix me, and make me whole again.”

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