Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

The Majority Leader of the Ondo State House of Assembly, Oluwole Ogunmolasuyi, has come under fire for sharing a video of his visit to Governor Rotimi Akeredolu in a hospital.

The video clip shared on Instagram showed the lawmaker greeting the governor and wishing him a happy birthday.

But critics faulted the action of Mr Ogunmolasuyi, saying it violated the governor’s privacy, who looked frail in the video.

An Ondo-born senior lawyer, Kayode Ajulo,
said on Friday that the clip was a violation of the privacy of the governor as it portrayed him in a vulnerable state.

He said it is essential to prioritise the privacy and dignity of people facing health challenges.

“Sharing such a video of the governor in a weakened condition is highly insensitive and uncalled for,” Mr Ajulo said.

“Irrespective of the rumour making the rounds, his privacy and integrity must be respected, especially during this time of health struggles.”

Mr Ajulo further noted that a more respectful approach could have been taken, such as arranging a private meeting or a personal video call to convey greetings from the esteemed well-wishers, particularly the acting governor, the Deji of Akure, the Olowo of Owo Kingdom and other dignitaries.

“I maintain that it was a total invasion of the Governor’s privacy and an act of insensitivity towards his well-being,” he said.

“As concerned citizens, we must support him and pray more for his speedy recovery, not exploit his vulnerable state for any purpose.”

He said a picture of the governor and his wife was sufficient to assure the public of his well-being, noting that crucial health matters are personal and should not be exploited for political and other purposes.

He stressed the need to maintain ethical standards in public disclosure of information and images.

But Mr Ogunmolasuyi, in an interview with TENET on Saturday, said his action was done in good faith and for the benefit of the citizenry.

“I today insisted that the viral video showing Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu in the hospital was released in good faith without any intention of harming the governor or his family,” the lawmaker said.

Mr Ogunmolasuyi’s statement was a reaction to Mr Ajulo’s knocks.

“I meant no harm with the video. It was sent out because some people are saying that the governor was on life supporting machine,” he said

“As of yesterday (Friday), he served everyone around him with food and cake without any assistance, and he danced to Yinka Ayefele music for more than 1 hour 30 mins and was on his feet for over 2 hours without any support.

“He spoke with the entire 9th ODHA Assembly assembly via group call. He also spoke with the entire ODHA 10th Assembly via group call yesterday.

“He spoke with many people that called his phone to wish him happy birthday yesterday.

“Some are saying that he can’t sign or attend to issues. As of yesterday, more than 14 crucial issues that involved both the 9th and 10th ODHA assemblies, he was able to address them one after the other.

“I never mean any evil. All what I wanted was to let the whole world know that Oga is alive and is getting better every day.”

Governor Akeredolu last week marked his 67th birthday with the state government, the ruling All Progressives Congress and labour unions felicitating him despite his absence.

The governor is receiving treatment for an undisclosed illness which has kept him abroad for about two months.

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