Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

King Promise Ogede Nwobu A.K.A Ogbuefi Ijele 1, has clocked a new age today Feb 2.


The aquarius zodiac born, appreciated his creator as well as his source from the scratch for inspiring his adventure.

He claimed his pride and steadiness as the well respected Ogbuefi hailing from the far away land Orumba, and yet striking down to the posh Mainland of Lagos to stack his achievements as a multi-award winning Philanthropist, Hospitality businessman, Influencer, and Celebrity Barman, Ijele 1 of Ajao.

Ogede shares snippet of his source

The Celebrity Barman and Business man shouted-out his native homeland by entertaining his traditional masquerade along with chanters of joy and truimp.

He said:
“A Chief was born on this day.
He was born on this date.
Onye Mmou
No wonder…… The Masquerade is the Mmou himself. If you know you know.
I am a Geologist/Barman……Well Rooted.
Behold these are the different shades of life.
‘The Village man from Orumba’. I am Ogbuefi Ijele 1.”

Meanwhile the Editorial team of The Lagosian Magazine Celebrates him.

“Hope your celebration gives you many happy memories!”



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