Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Theatre artist Chinazo has described to Nigerians what happened to her sister’s new currency note after it was forgotten and washed in a clothes pocket. The artist took to her Twitter handle, to explain the ordeal. In her tweet, she said her sister forgot the new naira note in her clothes pocket to wash it, only for them to later see that the new currency had turned to white paper.

In her words, she said: “So my sister forgot the new currency in her pocket and washed it, this is what it turned out to! If rain drenches you and this money is your only hope, you’d be stranded!”
Nigerians react to the washed naira note: _hairess_gallery: “there’s a sh*t load of fake notes in circulation right now.” hayuurr: “This one na factory default after series of makeup and colouring.” sweetylyx_official: “I talk am Na only color them.” mufasa__forever: “Na stone she use wash? Or the CBN made the notes off substandard materials???” officialmikemore: “Normally we know say na tie and dye them do. “cici_nita: They can’t even use original coloring. Which kind wahala be dis???” db_naturals_: “They couldn’t even work on it well.. At least if you want to change Naira note, do it appropriately na.. See how it’s looking like a joke.” mrs_jawando: “Na to dey tie my money inside Nylon ,put ham inside bag before I go out .. cuz what is this? ”

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