Sun. Jun 16th, 2024


By Jimmy Fatunbi

This automatically dethrones the current Emir, dismantles the four new Emirates in the State established under a controversial 2019 law, and leaves vacuum at the center.

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi II has however been penned down to occupy the most respected cultural and spiritual seat.

Recall that Kano Emirate was restructured by the administration of former governor of Kano, Adlbdullahi Umar Ganduje, and was seen as a political manoeuvre to diminish the influence of the then Emir Sanusi II, a vocal critic of that administration.

The creation of the new emirates fragmented the authority of the old Kano Emirate Council, diluting its power and influence.

Meanwhile, the Majority Leader of the Kano State House of Assembly, Lawan Hussaini Chediyar Yan Gurasa, who sponsored the Amendment Bill, shortly after Thursday’s session, revealed to journalists that, “the bill has been sent to the governor for assent, now there is no longer an active Emir in Kano in all the five Emirates; Kano, Bichi, Gaya, Rano and Karaye. The law now provides the governor to call on the traditional kingmakers to choose a new king.”

Although it has not been officially announced, there are strong insinuations that Sanusi II has been reinstated, and is expected in Kano on Friday.

According to credible inside sources, “So certainly with the passage of the Bill, Sanusi automatically stands reinstated. No need for confirmation, the thing to is wait for the Governor to assent to it.”

All the district heads elevated or appointed under the repealed law are to revert to their previous positions

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