Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Babatunde Odubanwo

‘’If you are done, I will enter’’, Lady tells Annie Idibia

It is true of the saying that Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. This maxim cannot be truer in the case of Superstar Musician Innocent Idibia popularly known as 2face or 2Baba and his estranged wife, star actress, Annie Idibia. The celebrity couple who got married at an elaborate wedding in 2012 was considered to be the luckiest to do so in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

In a twist of fate, the seemingly happily married couples began to sing a different tune aside from the ‘’African Queen’’ love ballad that they are known for. Like a crack in the wall, rage and hot temperament subsumed the fairytale love affair between 2face and his dearly beloved wife, Annie.

On her part, Annie had taken to Instagram to share a post in which she accused her husband of infidelity in connivance with his cousin, Frankie, and Manager Efe Omoregbe. She went to accuse her husband’s family of ‘’not liking her’’, an allegation that was countered by Charles, one of 2face’s siblings who spit fire and brimstone and elicited more negative reactions from his sister-in-law who accused him and the family of relying solely on their brother.

Her (Annie) post last week has generated more reactions from colleagues, friends, fans, and well-wishers of the Idibias. Amidst the social media furor, 2face finally broke the silence calling for caution. In his post, the multiple award-winning star wrote: ‘’This madness must stop’’. The African Queen crooner pleaded with all to allow for an internal resolution of the matter in which he concluded by saying, ‘’I take god beg una’’.

When one had thought the marital wildfire between 2face and Annie has ceased, the star actress surfaced online yet again on Tuesday night. A teary Annie revealed that she’s ending her marriage to her husband, Tuface Idibia.

It was reported that this happened after Tuface Idibia had got into a fight with Annie on Tuesday night and decided to leave Nigeria for the United States of America, USA.

Annie in an emotional outburst wailed and said:

“Tuface is on a flight right now to America after he got into a massive fight with Annie. His manager, Efe, and his cousin packed some of his things for him, and right now he’s on a plane.” “Innocent is on his way to America to see Pero but he lied to me that he was going for a shoot. “I’m going to scatter everything. Nobody knows the wrath of an angry woman. “My husband told me he had a shoot today only for him to pack his things and flee to America and his—– cousin, Franklyn helped him plan it. “His family doesn’t love me, they hate me. They have been giving me attitudes for 10 years. Today my husband packed his things. He lied to me that he was going to shoot, now my husband is on his way to America. “Planned by himself and his family all behind my back. I don’t deserve this. I can’t call any member of his family or even his manager because they won’t take my calls.

“Innocent is on his way to America without telling me. He is going to see Pero in America without telling me. I’m done, at this point I’m so done,”.

Annie’s post has caused a further stir online with some lady fans seeing this loophole to become the next Mrs. Idibia.

One such sentiment was expressed by an online user, Owolade Sylvia who wrote:

‘’If you are done I will enter’’

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