Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

A video of residents struggling to get fuel at a filling station in Nigeria has gone viral on social media.

In the clip, the residents queued with their big generators as they waited patiently for their turn to buy petrol. Reports gathered revealed that some stations halted the sale of fuel to people holding gallons, which was why customers brought their generators.
However, the reason behind halting the sale of fuel to people holding gallons is still unclear.

Social media reactions

Vic_o_official said: “Hahhaaaaaaaaaa….. E don happen! Welcome to Naija with fuel scarcity wahala.”

Fedolzbedding stated: “I wonder why filling stations stopped selling into Jerry cans. No stable electricity, we are willing to pay for our comfort, yet they are stressing us.”

Queen_chingy commented: “I rather sweat than to do this nonsense. Even the black market fuel vendors they try to avoid still get fuel pass Nnpc.”

Mbaluxury commented: “Omo Nigerians like to the suffer, that’s just what I’ve come to realize. Some of these people wey the queue go still vote for the same party that is causing them difficulty living for a mussel of bread.”

Ddashnblushmakeovers stated: “E reach to do. Some stations the number of jerrycan is more the population in that community.”

Officialbobbyfredrick__ said: “We deserve certificate of survival n 2 weeks holiday after this administration is over.”

Exotique_treats_and_shakes added: “It’s like some of you don’t know what’s going on. In my area, NNPC fuel is the cheapest. They only sell in cars, generator tanks, and bike tanks. No keg. So how do you expect people to buy fuel in their generator? What if they can’t afford to buy fuel at 350 per liter or 400 per liter? Make dem no carry their generator go?”

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