Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Over 10,000 permanent voter cards (PVCs) were found on the roadside in Okota area of Lagos on Saturday morning, February 25.

According to New Telegraph, who dumped the bag of the voter cards on the Ago Palace Way in the Okota area of Lagos state is yet to be known.

A journalist who witnessed the scene disclosed that the citizens who were not with their PVCs in the area gathered at the place to check if they could find their owns.
But some policemen in their patrol van approached the venue of the incident and took the bag of the PVCs, and drove.
However, the police later came with the bag and asked a man to call names on them. They left and returned with new set of card and gave it to another man to call out the names of the owners.
No less than 10 people were able to collect their PVCs at the scene while the police took away the remaining cards.
One of the eyewitnesses at the event said: “What happened this morning is unfortunate; we came out to see PVCs dumped on the road. “These are not recent PVCs. I went to the INEC office but unfortunately I could not get my PVC “If INEC had wanted to do it this way, it should have got some people to go round, a week before now, to distribute the cards instead of what we are seeing.”

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