Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Prophet Joshua Iginla, the Senior Pastor and Leader of Champions Royal Assembly has announced the end of his marriage with his wife. He cited infidelity on both sides as the major catalyst of the divorce.

According to him, his now former wife had cheated on him some time ago and he covered it up. He confessed to cheating on her sometime after that but said she took to attacking him and spreading news and rumors about him. We deduce from his speech that both acts of infidelity occurred years ago, this is because he said the marriage has been under pressure for 7 years.

It appears the blood genotype of the couple might have had a hand in the problems bedeviling their marriage as he announced that although it was initially believed that his wife had an AA blood genotype while he had an AS genotype, it was later discovered she also had an AS genotype. This resulted in their first child being born with an SS Genotype.

He said both acts of infidelity resulted in children. Iginla lamented how some of his colleagues and “sons in ministry” turned his marriage into an object of ridicule.

He said he had warned his wife that once he went public with the infidelity, there would be no more hope for their marriage and divorce would be certain.

When members of the congregation tried to plead with him by shouting “NO!”, he silenced them and said that he had said all he had to say.

He also spoke to the people who he says have been posting stories about him online. He urged them to have a field day with the story now that the truth had come out about the situation in his marriage.

Video Courtesy: @Instablog9ja

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