Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Jimmy Fatunbi

A Senior don in the department of English, Unilag, Dr. Nurayn Fola Alimi, at an interview with The Lagosian Magazine berated strike as the only approach to solving Nigeria’s University problems in the 21st century.

Dr. Alimi blamed total reliance on strike, as the only panacea to Universities’ challenges, on upholding unproductive communist ideology as hegemony, but repressing divergent views which could have been productive. Further speaking, the senior lecturer insisted that ASUU must begin to explore alternatives to incessant strike actions in making their lawful demands from the government. “Otherwise,” he contended.

“Nigerian university system will continue to degenerate.”Bringing to fore the causes of the ongoing strike, the academic contender. “

What are the things we are fighting for? We are fighting for Earned Allowance; we are fighting for revitalisation of the university; we are talking about some form of partial autonomy.”On the issue of earned allowance, the Don remained skeptical that all university lecturers actually ‘earn’ the Earned Allowance.

He said in another dimension, lecturers who deserve more get less and vice visa.He argued vehemently against partial autonomy, contending that only absolute autonomy an save the university system.The lecturer raised vital questions: “Does the Federal Government have the capacity to fund all the federal Universities in Nigeria?” he argued.

“”Must state universities also join federal university in strike when revitalisation does not make cases for the state universities? How do federal universities stand in solidarity with financially troubled state universities?”

Suggestively, the lecturer postulated: “Federal government needs to hand off federal universities and concentrate on primary and secondary education alone.He further stated that Federal universities should run themselves with their self-generated proceeds to raise the standard of education.No doubt, cost of university education will be higher.

Undoubtedly, only those who earnestly crave it will explore means available to have higher degrees. Others who can’t afford it can resort to specialised skills in some form of technical schools or vocational training centers.He concludes, “Lecturers generally need to have a rethink and retreat.

At our retreat we need to examine ourselves and stop pretending to be fighting when we know that we are not winning the battle. We need to reexamine our strategy. Even God did not create a single solution to a problem: strike cannot be the only solution to our problems.”

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