Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

By Ojukwu Emmanuel Chiadikaobi


In a harrowing turn of events, the medical professional who stumbled upon the lifeless body of Dr. Grace Boadu has provided a detailed account of the distressing incident.

In a recent interview, the doctor disclosed that concerns arose when repeated attempts to contact Dr. Boadu went unanswered. Determined to check on her well-being, he made the decision to visit her residence.

Upon arriving, a locked gate heightened suspicions, prompting the doctor to improvise with a ladder to access her bedroom. To his dismay, Dr. Boadu was not found on her bed. Collaborating with another individual, the doctor forcibly entered the premises only to discover her lifeless form on the floor.

The doctor recounted the shocking moment when attempting to transport her from the bathroom, revealing a disturbing detail – her skin began peeling off.

The untimely demise of Dr. Grace Boadu has cast a pall of sorrow over both her clientele and family members. Unveiling a personal facet, it was disclosed by Dr. Boadu’s uncle that she led a life without marriage or children, adding another layer of poignancy to the somber situation.

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