Tue. May 28th, 2024

Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, governor of Kwara, has approved ‘multi-billion naira’ palliatives to alleviate the effect of the petrol subsidy removal across different demographics in the state.

In June, the state government announced a three-day workweek adjustment to cushion the effects of the subsidy removal and the high transportation rate.

But the directive was later suspended due to “an advisory from the national economic council (NEC).”

In a statement on Monday, the governor said he had approved the palliatives in line with the NEC’s new advisory for states to design their own independent responses to neutralise the effects of the recent removal of petrol subsidy.

The governor said one of the palliatives is a cash support of N10,000 for every public servant in the state, beginning in July.

He said the cash support would last till a new minimum wage is introduced.

“I have similarly approved the payment of new hazard and skipping allowances, and 100 percent CONMESS for consultants and medical doctors under our government’s payroll,” the statement reads.

“Nurses working for the state government will also enjoy a new regime of allowances. The essence is to check the attrition rate in the health sector, and attract and retain medics and specialists to provide improved, qualitative healthcare services for the people of the state.

“In the next few days, modalities for occasional distribution of food to poor and most vulnerable households would be activated.

This shall be nonpartisan and would be coordinated by a government team to be supported by respected stakeholders who would get inputs from traditional rulers, religious bodies, market leaders, trade unionists, and community-based organisations to generate the lists of beneficiaries and disburse accordingly.

“The Kwara State Social Investment Programme (KWASSIP) will also activate N500 million worth of conditional support for petty traders and MSMEs in the state.

“To boost farming, outputs and food security in the state, our government will pay to receive fertilisers and grains from the federal government. Modalities for the handling of these will be made available later.”

Abdulrazaq said he has also approved the extension of free bus rides for students of tertiary institutions and the continuation of the three-day work schedule.

“The whole idea of these interventions is to show empathy and deploy as much resources as the state can afford to support the people at this special time,” the governor added.

“Meanwhile, our government will be setting up a committee to interface with marketers on the need to curb extortionist tendencies as seen in the arbitrary fixing of prices of foodstuff. This practice imposes hardship on everyone.

“I identify with his excellency President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his strong commitment to sustainable economic reforms and the well-being of the Nigerian people. I believe that the current discomforts are just like the pains that precede the joyful birth of a child.”

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