Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Giuseppe D’Anna, 19, went viral after posting online to show his romantic proposal to his 76-year-old girlfriend who has a distinctive blue streak in her grey hair

“I felt butterflies when I saw her” says Giuseppe D’Anna about his new fiancé Malian Gatta, a Billionaire.

The Italian national shared the moment he got down on one knee to propose to his lover.

He is pictured holding huge balloons in the shape of a heart and passionately snogging his lady captioned “La nostra promessa” – “Our promise” in English.
But some online trolls joked the teen was dating his great-great-grandmother and he was only in the relationship because he wanted to get a Playstation 5.

Some followers thought he was chasing her will, with one person commenting: “Oh she rich…We all know what he in it for”.

Not put off by the age gap he hit back posting a video adamant it was true love, captioning it: “We are 56 years apart but love goes beyond everything.”

Some fans wished the best for the couple, writing: “OMG is this true love?”

Another added: “Y’all quit being mean.

“They actually look adorable and for being 76 or 74 she looks so much younger…”

He said their love has “gone international” after being interviewed by global media outlets.

They are now engaged and waiting for their big day.

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