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By Princess Omobola Bolu Omoleme

“”Upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” ( (Matthew 16:18)

The foundation of the church globally is built on the Biblical verse of Jesus Christ of Nazareth who was crucified over 2000 years ago. Immediately after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Apostle Paul and Peter with the other disciples did not just sit down in one place mourning the exit of Christ, rather began the mandatory evangelistic pilgrimage of the Mandate given to them by Jesus Christ saying, “GO YE TO ALL THE NATIONS.”

Eternal Soulmates

The disciples and other early Christians moved from place to place, city to city and Corinth to Antioch to Galatia to Ephesus preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Without much ado about nothing, they discussed the Death of Christ as part of the fulfilmentl of God’s plan for the human race. Being led by Apostle Paul and Peter, they started preaching the Gospel and this earned them the name “CHRISTIANS” as they were first to be called the name in Antioch because they all behaved “CHRIST-LIKE. “

Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua (a.k.a T.B. JOSHUA) lived his life in service of the Most High God. His lifestyle was a replication of the way and manner Jesus ran his earthly Ministry fulfilling his Mission on earth as the long expected but never acknowledged Messiah. The recent trending activities in SCOAN are beginning to show signs of a Church solidly built with a team of well groomed, highly disciplined and adequately equipped leaders and members of this global Church.

Just as the ministry of Jesus Christ was short lived as he was crucified at a prime age of 33, so also was the Ministry of Prophet TB Joshua, of which he even had the grace to live up to 58 years before his angelic home call on 5th June 2021.

Prophetess Evelyn Joshua preaching

Despite being a humble and focussed man of God, T.B. Joshua’s life and time were not without acute criticism and blindfolded condemnation which were void of investigation, thereby resulting in destructive criticism, rumour mongering and campaign of calumny against Prophet T. B. Joshua and his apostolic mission on earth. However, like Jesus Christ he never wasted his precious time paying attention to his critics. Rather, this great and peculiar Man of God of our generation stayed focus and totally concentrated on running a globally impactful Ministry as he touched the seven continents of the earth, fulfilling the “GO YE Mandate” of Jesus Christ, preaching the Gospel and touching lives.

Barely three months after the glorious home call of this great prophet of our time, who was once named the “15th Most Influential Man on Earth” for his global impact on televangelism, winner of millions of souls and absolutely philanthropic Man of God, the mantle of leadership and continuity of the Church of God fell on his Life Partner (primus inter pares, Mentee, Advisor, Friend, Companion, Trainee, Mother, Wife and Soul Mate of the Prophet), Prophetess Mrs Evelyn TB Joshua.

Trained and well groomed in the background to take over the administrative running and continuity of the Church of God, Evelyn Joshua immediately started re-grouping, re-ordering, revamping, re-structuring and re-organising the organogram in the Church to be accurately poised to withstand the giant strides the Church is about to take in its glorious leap into the future.

She’s also a Great Teacher of the Word

Prophetesses Evelyn Joshua, from the steps she has taken since she steps into the shoes of her Mentor and Founder of the Church, has started with an indelible mark of a Woman of God poised to catapult the Church to greater heights even much more and much better than Prophet TB Joshua who dropped off the baton of his race as a pilgrim in that fateful, highly spiritual, angelic and prophetic manner of exit as he bade the Congregation a historic farewell saying “WATCH AND PRAY” on the day of his transition to eternal glory.

Prophetess Evelyn TB Joshua has started showing distinctive traits of a strong woman of qualitative spiritual substance right from her brief inaugural speech on Emmanuel TV on 12th September 2021. It is a new dawn in The Synagogue. Who can be a better continuity vessel of the great work of “The Man of The Synagogue ” as T.B Joshua was endearingly called then? “The Woman of The Synagogue,” Prophetess Evelyn TB Joshua, fits accurately into this exalted seat which has been divinely crafted into her destiny and divine altar calling.

She’s Back in Familiar Terrain

Like the proverbial chip off the old bloc, Prophetess Evelyn TB Joshua from her energy, calmness and dexterity of an endowed leader of a global church as SCOAN, the entire world just got an accurate earthly replacement of TB JOSHUA. Her entrance creates an ambiance which symbolically presents T. B. Joshua in spirit, soul and body. The current situation in SCOAN portrays the opening of the windows of heaven with the release of the Angels of the Most High God to join this amiably strong and equally humble lady in the great task ahead.

Taking over of the leadership of the church by Prophetess Joshua can be liken to the experience of the biblical Elisha who took double portion of anointing from his master, Prophet Elijah, during his departure and transfiguration in the chariots of fire. Prophetess Evelyn TB Joshua from all unbiased indication has taken a double portion of the anointing on the Founder of SCOAN to do even greater deeds and uphold the Ministry’s ideology of ‘LET LOVE LEAD’ and ‘WIN TODAY’ globally.

Watching this woman of God, Prophetess Evelyn TB Joshua, from her bold steps so far in restructuring, it is obvious that the legacy and mission of reaching and taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to THE ENDS OF THE EARTH shall be a continuous one in SCOAN.

The late Prophet TB Joshua, Prophetess Evelyn’s soulmate

Moreso, the beauty of the new wave of glory and new mantle of leadership in SCOAN globally is that Prophetess Evelyn TB Joshua’s management style and strategic entrance into the shoes of the Legendary Prophet TB JOSHUA show an overhaul of the Church to be able to do more exploits for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all parts of the world.

It is truly a new dawn and a new day break to greater heights in SCOAN. From all indications and intentions, the glorious home call of Prophet TB Joshua was never an end but a greater beginning under the new management of Prophetess Evelyn TB Joshua.

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