Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

By Our Correspondent

In a scathing open letter addressed to Pastor Tunde Bakare, a concerned netizen has called upon the influential preacher to reflect on his recent remarks and embrace compassion. The letter, written by one “Ọmọ Iyalaje” and shared on Facebook, comes in response to Pastor Bakare’s controversial comments regarding the untimely death of 27-year-old music star, Mohbad.

The anonymous author began the letter by emphasizing the importance of offering judgment, chastisement, reprimands, and correction while a person is still alive, but highlighted the limitations of such actions once someone has passed away. He stressed that it is unfortunate for an adult in his mid-60s to suggest that a person of his child’s age deserved death due to a perceived lack of content for preaching.

The author then delved into a personal anecdote from years ago, when Pastor Bakare allegedly used his own elder sister as a sermon topic. According to the letter, Pastor Bakare claimed that his sister had come to his house seeking financial assistance, but he refused to provide it, citing the Biblical principle that “anyone who doesn’t work should not eat.” Instead of helping her, he chose to exploit her situation by featuring her as the subject of his sermon. The author criticized Pastor Bakare for belittling his family to score points in the church, suggesting that he used his sister as content due to a lack of material for that day’s sermon.

The incident in question is said to have occurred between 17 to 20 years ago, but the netizen argued that it sheds light on Pastor Bakare’s character and his recent comments regarding the death of a young individual. The letter concluded with a plea for Pastor Bakare to seek forgiveness from God and embrace compassion, in contrast to his recent lack of it. The author also expressed a personal commitment never to rejoice at the misfortune of a younger soul, regardless of their past actions.

Below is the text of the letter:

Dear Pastor Bakare,
When a man is alive, we have the liberty of judging, chastising, reprimanding and correcting such a soul .
When a man goes to the journey of no return, it is now beyond our powers, even though the evil that men do live after them.
It’s bad that an adult in his mid 60s will say the agemate of his last child deserved death because he didn’t have content to preach.
Years ago, I was aghast that you mounted the pulpit and used your poor elder sister to preach.
You said your sister had come to your house early on that sunday morning to beg you for money but you did not give her.
You said you didn’t give her because anyone who doesn’t work should not eat.
You left her to come and use her as your preaching topic in church.
You belittled your family to score cheap points.
Truth is, you might not have given her money, but mounting the pulpit and using her as your content because you lacked one for that day.
This was between 17- 20 years ago.
One will not be surprised that such a person will gloat at the death of a 27 year old.
Mr Tunde Bakare, may God forgive you.
I also use this as a point of contact for myself that may I never rejoice at the grave of a younger soul no matter the wrong he or she has done.
Mr Tunde Bakare, repent! You need to be saved by Jesus.
Jesus was said to be compassionate, you are not.
© Omo Iyalaje

It remains to be seen how Pastor Tunde Bakare will respond to this heartfelt letter. Watch this space.

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