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By Sola Ojewusi

Ibadan, Nigeria – December 10, 2023

Ajá gbó gbó gbó l’óko
Igbe wọn kò délé
Èdùmàrè ṣètò àyànmọ́
Ọba kò fi hànnìyàn
Bí a bá mọ̀díi kádàrá
Kedere là bá rílẹ̀ ohun tó ń ṣeni
Àìmọ̀nà èrò níí jẹ́ kó sọnù l’ájò

The incessant farmstead bark of the hounds
Fails to resonate to the homestead.
The Almighty fashioned the pattern of destiny
But he hides its essence from mankind.
Had we known the source of destiny
We would have clearly seen the source of our experiences
A directionless traveller gets lost on his journeys.

With memories of deep thoughts like the above in his immense poetic repertory, the Yoruba race mourns the loss of Alhaji Olanrewaju Adepoju, a multifaceted personality known for his contributions as a poet, writer, artiste, and religious leader.

Adepoju breathed his last on Sunday, December 10, 2023, at the age of 83 in his residence in Ibadan.

The news of his passing was conveyed to the public by his son, Adejare Adepoju, in a succinct announcement on Sunday. Adejare shared the poignant message, “Baba has gone to rest,” revealing the departure of the eminent figure whose influence extended across various spheres of art and spirituality.

Alhaji Olanrewaju Adepoju’s legacy is deeply ingrained in the Yoruba cultural landscape, leaving an indelible mark through his poetic expressions, literary works, artistic endeavors, and spiritual leadership. His demise marks the end of an era, and the large community of Yoruba people reflects on the profound impact he had on both cultural and spiritual fronts.


As condolences pour in from admirers, colleagues, and followers, the memory of Alhaji Olanrewaju Adepoju will endure as a beacon of cultural richness and artistic excellence within the Yoruba heritage. The void left by his passing is palpable, but his contributions will be celebrated and remembered for generations to come.


** Translation of extract above done by this reporter

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