Thu. May 23rd, 2024

By Sola Ojewusi

A popular Real Madrid fan, known affectionately as “Little Ronaldo” due to his stature and love for football in the Mushin area of Lagos, has died under suspicious circumstances during a celebration of Real Madrid’s latest Champions League victory.

The victim, identified as Lala, was a well-known dwarf in the community and had been participating in the festivities when the incident occurred.

Witnesses report that the incident happened late Wednesday night when Lala was allegedly pushed by an individual known only as Sapon during an altercation that escalated amidst the celebrations. Lala reportedly fell, striking his head severely on the concrete, which led to fatal injuries. Despite efforts to rush him to the hospital, Lala was pronounced dead.

The police have since intervened to investigate the precise circumstances surrounding Lala’s death.
Initial reports from onlookers suggest that the push was the result of a heated argument, though the details of what sparked the argument remain unclear. Sapon, the accusedis said to have absconded.

The mood in Mushin is somber as friends and family mourn the loss of Lala, who was a beloved figure in his community. “He was the life of the party, always ready to cheer for his favorite team and make everyone laugh,” said a local shop owner who knew Lala well. “We can’t believe he’s gone over something as joyous as a football victory.”

Arrangements for Lala’s burial are currently being made by his family, who are devastated by the loss and are calling for justice. “We want the full weight of the law to be brought against those responsible for his death. Lala was not only a fan but a friend and a brother to many,” stated one family member during an interview.

The local community has rallied together, demanding tighter security measures during public celebrations and better crowd control to prevent such tragedies in the future.


Video of Lala’s remains can be seen below:

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