Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Social media is buzzing after an amazing video surfaced of a groom utterly unfocused at his wedding with his bride. He seemed to be paying more attention to his phone than his bride and the event. The first scene of the video showed the cake-cutting ceremony. The bride stood next to the MC while the groom sat on a cozy couch.
The MC requested that the bride fulfil her first marital duty by feeding her spouse.
The groom was distracted and conversing on his phone when the MC turned to address him.
Although it’s unclear with whom the groom was conversing, internet users agreed that the bride deserved all of his focus on such an important day.

More than 13,000 people watched the video when Cila Adjoa Duffuor posted it on Facebook. Netizens react to the video of groom chatting on phone
Maame Yaa Yeboaa Asiama said: This is the moment I leave the reception and end the marriage in the morning. Nkwasiasem sei. Mawukoenya Yawa Gomashie posted: Red Flag! He is uninterested in marriage. Ebo Smart commented: Husband material two taazin. Se Lorm commented: Vendor dey ask en balance. Nha Nah Eyesha posted: He’s explaining to his side chick why he married on an emergency. Nana Yaw Barimah replied: I think his Bet has been spoiled. Dee Flow said: I feel for the bride. Very disrespectful. Usman Mariam posted: If we say he is chatting with the person he wants to put on the payroll to have a baby for him, some people will say we like assuming. You naa what is this. Elizabeth Agyeiwaa We women sometimes ignore red flags in a relationship and fly straight to marriage because we think he will change after marriage lol. No, he won’t, that’s why there are many divorces nowadays. Mavis Bemah said: He was denying it wasn’t his wedding. Myz Zahra commented: By now he’s apologizing to the love of his life for why he didn’t marry her but married another, bcos he was forced. Ntro nkoaa. He’s probably in love with someone else Kwaku Darko posted: Women will never get this, they will all think another woman is getting his attention but what they don’t know is that dude dey check ein bet.

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