Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

As scarcity of naira notes persists across Nigeria, a Senior Pastor of the Rhema Deliverance Ministry, Awka, Anambra state, Dr Amaechi Nwachukwu, has distributed monies realized by his church from offering to poor members of his church. The pastor expressed the benevolence during a church service on Sunday, February 12.

It was reported that the Pastor, who emptied the church’s offering box to give to members of his church, also donated his money.
Immediately after the offering, the Senior Pastor directed ushers to bring out the offering box and asked that the monies be distributed to church members who had no food at home. After giving out money to members, who said they had no food at home, Pastor Nwachukwu asked church ushers to move seat by seat to share the cash with all church members, after which he also selected aged women who he gave more money.
The Pastor had earlier, during his sermon, lamented the level of hardship in Nigeria, saying that it is time Nigerians began helping one another.
He said: “There are persons, who are presently experiencing the temptation of going into sinful acts because of the level of hardship in the country. “I wish I had a bagful of money to give out. I decided to give to everyone because I knew that some people might not have food in their houses, but because of shame, they refused to come out. “That was why after giving to the first people that indicated that they didn’t have food, I decided to give to everybody in the church. We are hoping that God will deliver this country, turn around the fortunes of the country, and also heal its people.”

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