Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

By Ojukwu Emmanuel Chiadikaobi


Following Sunday’s intense showdown between Manchester City and Arsenal at the Etihad Stadium, defender Manuel Akanji voiced his bewilderment over what he perceived as a failure by the referee to issue “clear yellow cards” to Arsenal players during the foul-laden encounter.

Despite dominating possession and creating several opportunities, Manchester City failed to break the deadlock against a resilient Arsenal side, resulting in a goalless draw. With Liverpool’s victory earlier in the day, the draw further solidified their position at the top of the Premier League table.

However, Akanji, along with his teammates, expressed frustration at the perceived leniency shown towards Arsenal players by referee Anthony Taylor. Despite committing a total of 20 fouls throughout the match, Arsenal players escaped without receiving any yellow cards for their infractions, much to the disbelief of the Manchester City camp.

Akanji highlighted a particularly contentious tackle by Kai Havertz on goalkeeper Stefan Ortega in the first half, which he believed warranted a yellow card. He emphasized that his concerns were not solely directed at decisions favoring Manchester City but also included instances where he felt Arsenal had been unfairly penalized.

Following the match, Akanji reiterated the importance of maintaining focus as Manchester City prepare for their upcoming fixture against Aston Villa on Wednesday. With the title race heating up and only nine games remaining in the season, he emphasized the need to capitalize on every opportunity to secure maximum points.

Despite trailing behind Liverpool in the league standings, Akanji remained optimistic about Manchester City’s prospects, pointing out that there are still 27 points up for grabs. He echoed the team’s determination to continue their unbeaten run and fight until the final whistle in pursuit of reclaiming the Premier League title.

As the race for the title intensifies, Manchester City’s quest for success remains undeterred, with Akanji’s comments shedding light on the team’s unwavering commitment to achieving their goals on the pitch.

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