Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Kwara State branch of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has cautioned the governor of the state, Gov Abdulraman Abdulrasak to exercise patience before proceeding to execute work on the Kwara hotels contract, adding that the governor needs to give the people of the state better explanations on the contract.

The PDP in a statement signed by its Publicity Secretary, Olusegun Adewara, stated, “We question whether the government intends to demolish and reconstruct a new hotel or it is the existing structure that will be gulping N17.8bn for renovation or if undisclosed factors are driving them to project N17.8bn for only Kwara hotel when the state is still lacking in infrastructure and social amenities capable of attracting investors to the state.

“The people of Kwara deserve transparency and accountability in governance, especially when confronted with such monumental financial decisions by those elected to hold trust for them.

“We maintain that the earlier shutting down of the Hotel, which was handed over by the PDP administration to Abdulrahman’s government in good operational condition, underscores the current government’s tendency to ruin Kwara State legacy and reverse all progress recorded before 2019.

“Our party also vehemently condemns the illegal auctioning of Kwara Hotel properties by the Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq-led Kwara State Government. This action, undertaken without adhering to due process, is a blatant disregard for transparency and governance norms. What is being labeled by APC-led government as an auction appeared to be more of a sponsored looting spree, as the government sidesteps established procedures, raising serious concerns about the integrity of the process and the responsible use of public resources,” the PDP statement stressed.

The main opposition party also queried the award of three major projects amounting to N27.714billion to a single company that had never executed a single project in the state.

It alleged that a single company, Craneburg Construction LTD, has been approved as the sole contractor for the construction of Kwara Hotel at the rate of N17.8 billion, the Unity Roundabout flyover at the cost of N8.4 billion, and the reconstruction of Unity Road at the rate of N1,513,528,195.18. This means that Craneburg Construction has been awarded triple contracts worth N27 billion from the Kwara State Government in a single move.

It maintained that the development is highly suspicious, even as it alleged that the said Company was brought by Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq and imposed on the state Executive Council as its decision at a stage-managed meeting where commissioners and other members of the meeting were not allowed to ventilate their opinions.

Continuing, Adewara insisted, “We make bold to say that this action, whereby a single company that has not undertaken any project in the state before could come from the moon and secure all the construction contracts from the Kwara State government is alien to rationality.

“Could it mean that there are no other construction companies that possess the required capacity to undertake those projects all over the country?” he queried.

The PDP scribe warned further, “We challenge Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to provide a transparent explanation for the exclusive preference given to Craneburg Construction Company Limited. Is there any undisclosed relationship or special arrangement between the Governor and the said company? We call on the governor to come forth and clarify these concerns to ensure accountability and uphold the principles of fairness and equal opportunity.

“This is particularly troubling considering that during its campaign in 2019, the governor pledged to prioritise and support local contractors and ensure they grow the local economy by constantly engaging the local companies. Therefore, it is unacceptable that the governor, who prides himself as ‘Ijoba Mekunu’ has now chosen to award N27 billion worth of state contracts to a single company.

“This decision not only explains Governor AbdulRahaman Abdulrazaq as a man who should not be trusted but also disregards the potential economic benefits that could have been derived from distributing these projects among various contractors,” the PDP statement challenged.

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