Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Kayode Ajulo SAN Criticizes BBC for Biased Portrayal of TB Joshua in Recent Interviews Renowned legal practitioner Kayode Ajulo SAN has raised concerns over the recent BBC interviews on the late Prophet T.B. Joshua, emphasizing that the coverage lacks a balanced perspective. In his commentary titled “On late Prophet T.B. Joshua and BBC profiling,” Ajulo expresses disappointment at the one-sided portrayal of the esteemed Nigerian televangelist, who left an indelible mark on countless lives globally.

The late T.B. Joshua, known for his compassionate acts, healing endeavors, and spiritual guidance, played a pivotal role in effecting positive transformations in the lives of many individuals. Ajulo laments the absence of acknowledgment in the BBC interviews regarding the profound and constructive impact Joshua had on thousands of people.

According to Ajulo, “This approach not only undermines the credibility of the report but also denies viewers the opportunity to hear the multitude of testimonies from individuals who have experienced profound and positive transformations through the late prophet’s ministry.”

He states further, “I kindly beseech the BBC to uphold the principles of fair and unbiased journalism by providing a platform for diverse perspectives. It is imperative that all sides of the story are thoroughly investigated and presented. By doing so, the BBC would not only restore the late prophet’s reputation but also preserve the integrity of its esteemed news organization.”

Ajulo contends that the interviews failed to provide a fair representation, depriving the late Prophet of the opportunity to defend himself or present his side of the story. The legal expert calls for a more balanced and comprehensive approach in reporting to ensure a nuanced understanding of T.B. Joshua’s legacy, acknowledging both the positive and controversial aspects.

Ajulo also suggests the possibility of the TV Show having ulterior motives. He says, “I fervently hope that the BBC interview is not intended to serve as a means of exonerating Constance Marten, a British aristocratic woman currently facing a manslaughter trial alongside her partner, a convicted sex offender, at a British Court. The claim that Constance Maureen was radicalised and traumatised after spending time with the late Prophet T. B. Joshua and becoming one of his “disciples” lacks merit, as there are undeniable facts surrounding Constance’s partner, Gordon, who spent 20 years in a US prison for committing rape at the age of 14 after burglarizing the victim’s home.”


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