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By Jimmy Fatunbi

In a bid to make higher education accessible to Nigerian students who are willing to further in their studies, but are incapacitated either by finance or inability to secure admissions in Nigerian universities, The KOK Foundation has offered not less than one hundred scholarship opportunities to Nigerian students .

This laudable initiative was enlivened by the foundation in partnership with the Weldius University in the Republic of Benin.
KOK Foundation is the laudable initiative of the legendary Nollywood thespian, DR. Kanayo Ó. Kanayo and it is hi sown unique way of giving back to the society after many years of success in the movie industry and other endeavours.

The one hundred successful applicants will enjoy 100% free tuition fees scholarship all through their stay in the university studying courses of their choice.

On 4th February, 2023 at the its office at No 8, Sabiu Ajose Street, Surulere, Lagos the Foundation organized a sendforth ceremony for a hundred lucky students in the first batch category.

“The reason for this event and this opportunity is to inform the world that activities at KOK Foundation are real and that we set out to create an opportunity for those who do not have the wherewithal to access quality education,” the Founder and Director of the foundation who doubles as a movie virtuoso and lawyer, Chief Kanayo Ọ. Kanayo said at the event.

He continued, “Be good ambassadors. You must behave well as students and make sure that the school passes through you to acquire practical skills that can be used to transform yourself, your family and society for good.”

Speaking on the foundation, Chief Kanayo O. Kanayo (KOK) asserts that KOK has moved from being a brand to a foundation which prides itself in promoting education and academic excellence. “Our foundation set out to give back to the society,” he revealed.

In addition to awarding scholarship to KOK scholars, the foundation has strong arrangements with both the Weldius University and Destiny Builders to monitor students’ academic performance and attitude on campus. Without steady progress in their academic pursuit, the KOK scholars could lose their position. “It is not a free lunch; standard must be maintained,” the Director warned.

Representative of the Weldius University at the sent- forth program for the first batch of the successful applicants include the Registrar, Ugo Magnus Kel; the Dean of Students Affairs, Edi Jones; Destiny Helper, Ohaẹrí Tonybede Nnamdi and Anderson Emmanuel Amos.

While addressing the newly admitted students, the Registrar of the university extolled the integrity of the director of the foundation who facilitated the golden chance. “The university has given the foundation opportunity to wave the school fees which is in the region of 500k,” he hinted.

Another representative of the university, Mr. Tony, said, “The partnership is authentic; I want all Nigerians to know that this partnership is real. ” He assured the students that in addition to the fact that the Weldius University is one of the fastest growing universities in West Africa, the learning environment is conducive. “With Benin Republic’s continuous admission process and liberalised, democratised university education, a degree in three years is possible. That is possible with summer program,” he said.

Other speakers at the event included a three-time winner of the CNN Journalist award, Declan Okpalaeke, Austen P. Ezenduka and Miss Valerie Onyekarere who spoke on behalf of the board of directors of the foundation. She assured that KOK Foundation is committed to this noble cause.

Dr. Kanayo, the director of the foundation furrher urged the scholarship awardees to be good ambassadors, stay focused and make the best of the opportunity given to them
Since this will be rolled out in batches, KOK hinted that the next batch would be considered based on the success story of this batch after which the board of directors of the foundation would make information available to the general public on all the social media handles of the foundation.

In closing, KOK thanked those who play pivotal background role in ensuring that the foundation runs.








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