Fri. Mar 1st, 2024



Comedian Josh2Funny finally got a show on America’s Got Talent, and it was a hilarious moment to watch. Josh2Funny, who appeared on stage three times, performed as the fastest book reader, rapper and magician. While he didn’t get a chance to the next stage, his statement performance had the judges and audience laughing.
He performed as the ‘Fastest Rapper in the World’ and ‘Best Magician in the World,’ all of which had the judges and audience laughing.
While Josh2Funny didn’t proceed to the next round, he held the audience spellbound until the very last part of his stage performance.

See some of the comments that trailed the video below:
ToyosiGodwin: “The more the video progressed, the funnier it got . I like how Simon eventually appreciated his sense of humor.”
chimaihueze: “Simon and his crew got casted in a skit, and they didn’t even have a clue.”
@_VALKlNG: “He’s the same guy that started the “Don’t leave me challenge” Nigerians are soo talented ❤️.”
itsSh0la: “One of the best comedians in Nigeria, Josh2funny delivered.”
greatomordia: “This post is about to blow up. You can start thanking Nigerians now @AGT we’ll make you global ‍.”
BiggJoeJay: “Officially, Josh madness is now global.”

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