Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

An innocent child was captured in a TikTok video dancing happily at an event said to be her mother’s furneral.

In the video posted by @sunnylipsy, the child played around the arena surrounded by a large crowd.
The crowd of mourners watched the child emotionally as she moved from one end to the other playng.

As seen in the video, the child is still too young to understand the implication of the passage of her mother. The way she played rounded the event area shows clearly that she is still innocent and unable to figure out what was going on correctly.

The video which lasted just 29 seconds has melted the hearts of many people.
Some who saw the girl’s dance said they experienced the lose of a loved one as kids.

Reactions from TikTok users

@kammystrategy@2715 said: “I lost my mum too at almost her age am now 29 years. The good Lord will look after her.” @Akua_64 reacted: “Her mom’s soul will be looking at her lovely daughter and giving her a farewell.” @danny193321 said: “Not easy oooo. We are all praying we don’t leave our children at this age hmmm.” @Paah Queci commented: “Innocent child.” @user4165828260672 reacted: “Hmm this was me when I was a kid.” @obaa lizzy said: “Awww sorry baby girl. May the good Lord almighty strength you and whoever will take care of you.”

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