Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Actress Oluwakemisola Apesin has begged Nigerians not to let her start from the beginning again after her possession was taken.

In the Instagram post on her page, the actress shared the photo of a man who had vanished with her car for fifteen days.

She added that he was supposed to take the car for repairs, but she has not set her eyes on him since he took the vehicle away.

The actress urged anyone with useful information that would lead to the mechanic’s arrest to help her.

She wrote: “WANTED… Am urgently searching for the guy in this picture, he went away with my car for the past fifteen days, he was meant to repair it. Lexus Rx350 have not set my eyes on him since then. Please any useful information about him should be sent to me immediately, he is a thief and he needs to be caught. If seen please call 09168449286 or 09138977497 I will so much appreciate this or send dm to @kemity @herod_lammy”

Kemity shares more information about her stolen car In another post, Kemity shared the photo of her car for identification and disclosed that the mechanic on the run had tried to dispose of it.

According to her, the man told the buyer, who eventually returned the car, that he wanted to travel.

Kemity again begged people to help her recover her car because she is not a rich woman and would have to start again if the mechanic was not caught.

The actress wrote: “This is the car for those asking please any information because kindly send dm ….I just hear he said he want to travel out ..he take the car to kola 3days ago someone saw him ….I am judging hearing this now ..he sold it to someone already I guess the preson return the car to him …he told the preson he want to travel that why he want to sell the car …ejo tori olorun I am not rich ooo if this guy sell my car I will have to start again.”

Netizens react to the actress’ cry for help aishalawal1: “Ahĥhhhhh whattttt.” akeem.paaleetosure: “Buy another one na.” lola_of_lagos_2013: “What if na something happen to the guy that’s why him never return the car ?? Hmmmm.” ojulopesi1: “This is wrong you should have gon to the police and they will do the needful.” holamidate: “The guy never travel he day stay in lag anty Kemi your car is between ijaye to sango am very sure cuz the guy have many friends there any information about the guy I will send you you will see your car.” agajoabimbola: “I stay around sango otta,this guy’s face looks so familiar,God won’t allow his evil plans work.”

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