Thu. May 23rd, 2024

By Ojukwu Emmanuel Chiadikaobi


An Ibadan-based businessman Engineer Dotun Sanusi has unveiled Oyo State’s inaugural electric bus in the state capital. The unveiling ceremony took place on Friday, with Mr. Sanusi emphasizing the significance of this initiative for the state’s future growth and environmental sustainability.

During the launch event, held at Ilaji Hotel and Sports Resort in Akanran, Mr. Sanusi announced plans for a pilot scheme aimed at transitioning Okada (motorcycle) and tricycle riders to electric vehicles in the Ona-Ara local government area. This initiative, he explained, is part of a broader strategy to reduce the carbon footprint and modernize the transportation infrastructure in the state.

The electric bus, capable of seating 100 passengers, embarked on its maiden journey from Ilaji Hotel to Amuloko and Olorunsogo, receiving enthusiastic applause and cheers from residents along the route. Mr. Sanusi expressed his commitment to ensuring a smooth transition for motorcycle and tricycle operators in Ona-Ara, assuring them that charging facilities powered by solar energy would be installed at strategic locations, including in front of Ilaji Hotel and Sports Resort.

In his remarks, Mr. Sanusi highlighted the economic rationale behind the transition to electric vehicles, citing the adverse effects of rising petrol prices on businesses and residents. He revealed that a comprehensive survey had been conducted to determine the demand for electric motorcycles and tricycles along various routes, with plans to implement the pilot scheme within four weeks.

“To God be the glory, Ilaji Hotel and Sports Resort is the first to launch an electric bus in Oyo State,” Mr. Sanusi declared. “Our transition to electric vehicles is a strategic response to the challenges posed by escalating fuel costs, and it underscores our commitment to fostering sustainable development in our state.”

The unveiling of Oyo State’s first electric bus marks a significant milestone in the state’s journey towards a cleaner, greener future, setting a precedent for other urban centers to follow suit in embracing environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

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