Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

An Ibadan-based cleric, Prophetess Francisca Kehinde Fasoro of Jesus is Enough Faith Bible Ministry (JEFABIM) located at Ori Apata, Odo Ona Kekere revealed how God has been using her to cure the problem of barrenness, especially in women.

The prophetess made this revelation while featuring on a weekly radio show, Ayekooto on Radio anchored by Olayinka Agboola and broadcast live on Lagelu 96.7FM, Felele Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State’s on Tuesday evening.

According to her, the divine assignment of making the barren to be fruitful has made her to be so popular adding that “I am grateful to God for this because I am also happy to be chosen by God for this great assignment.

“However, it is not as rosy and simple as I have just said. Those who know me when we started in Felele, Scout Camp in Ibadan can confirm this. As a woman looking for the fruit of the womb, you will have to follow the instructions given to us by God. You may be asked to follow me to Ori Oke Erimo, Ori Oke Ikoyi, Ori Oke Ojoo, Ori Oke Ido Ajinare in Ekiti State and others. A few may be lucky not to go to more than two mountains to pray with me. I do not cut corners. I must never cut corners. I am under spiritual instructions from God to always follow Him and obey Him.

That is why I do not have politicians coming to me for spiritual support. I will never cut corners with anybody. I am under serious commitment to God to always follow His directions. Politicians want quick-action.”

Prophetess Fasoro also took time to talk about how difficult it was for her to heed the call of God.
“It was so hard for me to harken to what God wanted me to do. I can remember a day I took some adherents to Ori Oke Ikoyi in Osun State. After our prayer sessions, God directed me to give out my transport fare to some of those people and I was left with nothing. And I was heavily pregnant. I trekked to Ibadan and, my first born was with me then. It was a day I can never forget.”

She further stated that people should be ready to persevere and endure hardship, as it is the stepping-stone to greatness and glory in life and ministry.
The cleric further revealed how she had to abandon her lucrative nursing profession after a hard battle in accepting the call to the ministry, stating that one important ingredient to possess in order to have a successful ministerial career is to have the fear of God.

She said, “I was trained as a nurse before I got married, many trials happened to me during my active days as a nurse and because of several hardships due to my negligence in accepting the call to the ministry, I had to fully accept my fate by accepting the call of God to come into the ministry”.
She further urged Nigerians to brace up for days of famine next year while assuring that those who put their trust in God will never be put to shame or experience lack next year.

She, however, urged Nigerian politicians to be merciful to the electorates while urging the people of the country too to be transparent in their daily endeavors.

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