Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

By Jimmy Fatunbi

Famished Nigerians condescended to looting in different parts of Nigeria following an unprecedented rise in food inflation.

Although the Federal Government has promised to start the distribution of free grains to states this week, some Nigerians chose to resort to other means as intervention is delayed and cost of living bites harder.

Several trucks and warehouses, mostly owned by manufacturers and other members of the organized private sector (OPS), have come under attacks.

Last week, some youths stole food items from trucks stuck in traffic along the Kaduna Road in the Suleja area of Niger State.

Rice, grains and other relief items were looted also on Sunday following an attack on a warehouse belonging to the Agricultural and Rural Development Secretariat of the Federal Capital Territory Administration located in the Dei-Dei area, Abuja.

An attempt by another group to loot a private warehouse in the Idu Industrial Estate, Jabi, Abuja, was rebuffed by soldiers guarding the facility.

Reacting to the ugly situation, OPS expressed concern about the spate of looting of trucks conveying food and raw materials by suspected Nigerians, warning that it can lead to a shutdown of industries across the country.

Members of the OPS, gave the warning on Monday in separate interviews with The PUNCH just as miscreants attacked trucks conveying building materials and spaghetti in Ogun and Kaduna states.

The President of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gabriel Idahosa, said the current economic hardship was ushering in anarchy.

According to him, the attacks can worsen the problems of companies and lead to their shutdown.

Idahosa said, “The chickens are coming home to roost. The government has asked the people to be patient, but the stomach cannot be patient even if the head wants to be patient. In a state of anomy, it will lead to a state of anarchy.

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