Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

By AjikeOkin

In most recent times it is becoming worrisome flipping the pages of newspapers or reading headlines of news on social media about failing health of Nigerian creative icons who should be role models to many upcoming.

It is even more disheartening to see them begging for money all over social media to pay for hospital bills in battling ailment of all kind.
Personally I think there is need for urgent intervention and re-orientation.

The resultant effect being mixed reaction from the larger society. In most cases, such reactions are more of condemnation rather than moves to save the life of the erstwhile star.

On one hand, some are usually of the opinion that what they did with all the money they made during their active days questioning whether the sufferer do not have children that he or she can run to. More rhetoric questions spiraling in different angles seeking for answers.

On the other hand, a phalanx of sympathizers will blame the government about letting such a superhero languish in such deteriorating health situation.

In the event of the demise of the said victim, deluge of condolences effortlessly pours in from company of colleagues, public figures. This innumerable lot celebrating the life and times of a man whom they all turned deaf ears to when alive.

For me, I suggest that our most cherished evergreen Actors should start looking urgently into relevant insurance policies to safeguard their future.

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