Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Eko Evergreen Liveband Challenge is an initiative of Evergreen Musical Company Ltd designed to empower and create fresh window of opportunities for Livebands across Lagos Metropolis .

According to Bimbo Esho , Managing Director of Evergreen Musical Company , she said the need for an event like this has become very necessary in helping to expose the trending Lagos Musical LiveBand Culture to the Global space. She said she feels so much pity for Livebands who have been completely marginalised, relegated to the background and only given reference and news mention only during Owanbes.

She recalls that several years ago Nigerian Livebands created the pathway for todays musicians and represented Nigeria at the biggest musical fiestas of the world . She said their company is using this platform as a wake-up call and to challenge some corporate organisations and even government who have been unknowingly creating severe marginalisation between musicians thereby giving more prominence to artiste whose musical lyrics and general aesthetics doesn’t represent Nigerian musical culture.

Bimbo Esho whose entertainment outfit Evergreen Musical Company has become an household name in the Nigerian entertainment space in the past 25 years has been at the forefront of promoting and preserving Nigerian entertainment Musical Icon. According to her with over 800 Live bands playing different music genres and scattered in Lagos metropolis there is an urgent need to rescue them and bring them all under one roof and showcase to the world .

This music event she said will bring these musical geniuses to compete under one roof , win laurels and create an healthy environment that will help boost tourism and hospitality in the State while driving economic activities , commerce and open fresh opportunity for prospective Lagosians.

Reintrating further she said it will also help create employment opportunities and engage different youths therefore shifting their attention away from social vices.

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