Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

A 9-year-old lion has fatally attacked Olabode Olawuyi, a dedicated staff member at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Ile-Ife Zoological Park.

Olawuyi, a Veterinary Technologist with over a decade of experience, met his untimely demise while tending to the animals he had cared for since their birth.

According to a statement released by the University’s public relations officer, Abiodun Olarewaju, despite the valiant efforts of other staff members present, Olawuyi could not be saved from the ferocious assault of the male lion.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Adebayo Simeon BAMIRE, was briefed on the situation upon arrival, learning that all medical attempts to rescue the victim had tragically failed.

In response to the incident, the aggressive lion responsible for the attack has been euthanized, as confirmed by university authorities.

Meanwhile, the university management has extended condolences to the family of the deceased and has initiated a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the fatal encounter.

Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

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