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Abuja, September 29, 2023 –

The Nigeria Police Force has apprehended a suspect involved in a complex case of fraudulent fund conversion, forgery, and threats to life. This case revolves around Mrs. Ifeanyiwa Anthonia Ugoh, who filed a formal complaint against the accused, Peace Ekom Robert.

The saga began on January 30, 2023, when Mrs. Ugoh communicated with Peace Ekom Robert, disclosing access to a substantial sum of 600,000 Euros earmarked for forex trading. In response, Robert claimed to have a client in need of 780,000 Euros. To verify the authenticity of the suspect and her client, Mrs. Ugoh arranged for her client to make two payments totaling 55,000 Euros.

Subsequently, Robert provided an account balance statement showcasing an astonishing 5.3 billion Naira, ostensibly illustrating her client’s financial capacity. However, upon conducting due diligence, Mrs. Ugoh discovered that the account balance statement was a forgery. When she attempted to recover the 55,000 Euros or its Naira equivalent, Robert falsely asserted that the account had been flagged by INTERPOL and even resorted to threats to dissuade Mrs. Ugoh from involving the police.

Mr Muyiwa Adejobi, Police PRO

Mrs. Ugoh, undeterred by these tactics, promptly reported the matter to the Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID) Annex in Lagos. This led to the arrest of Peace Ekom Robert. In an unexpected twist, a mutual friend, Hon. Ndiana-Abasi, paid 15,000,000 Naira as part of the total Naira equivalent of 42,900,000 Naira, securing Robert’s release on bail. However, this release was contingent on Robert paying the outstanding balance of 27,900,000 Naira in two installments, with Hon. Ndiana-Abasi serving as a witness. Sadly, Robert failed to fulfill this commitment and absconded, evading legal consequences.

The situation took a different turn when the suspect petitioned the Inspector General of Police, prompting the case’s transfer to the NPF National Cybercrime Centre (NCCC). Recognizing the similarity of cases involving Robert, the Police Special Fraud Unit (PSFU) assumed responsibility for harmonizing the investigations.
Despite these events, Robert attempted to arrange a reconciliation meeting with Mrs. Ugoh. However, upon arrival, Mrs. Ugoh, accompanied by police officers, discovered that the suspect had brought officers from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to apprehend her.

Once it became apparent that the police were coordinating the case harmonization with the EFCC, Robert ceased contact with them.
After months of evading arrest, Peace Ekom Robert was declared a wanted individual alongside Hon. Ndiana-Abasi, who clarified his position and was subsequently cleared by the police. Notably, Peace Ekom was apprehended on September 22, 2023, in Abuja.

Furthermore, additional complainants with similar cases have emerged, prompting the Nigeria Police Force to commit to conducting thorough investigations.

According to the police, “Upon the conclusion of these inquiries, the suspect will face legal consequences.”

Police Authorities also encouraged other victims of the suspect’s fraudulent activities to step forward and collaborate in the harmonization of investigations. This collective effort according to Police, would play a pivotal role in ensuring justice is served.



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