Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

An eye witness has warned Lagos residents to avoid Mike 12 at the moment.
The man narrated how hoodlums are setting properties on fire.

He further narrated how the hooligans threatened passengers and pedestrians life scaring them to a dramatic run away.

The terrified man videoed vehicles taking u-turns and returning back to their homes. He also showed vehicles passing another road to avoid attack from the hoodlums terrorizing Mile 12.

The hoodlums were said to be angered over the issue of Naira scarcity.

Many Nigerians have been complaining about the scarcity of money and fuel.

The issue occured after the Nigerian government considered Naira redesign. It got worse when the perspectives of the citizens was imbalance, judging the given days to return old Naira notes as too short.

It was reported that enough cash hasn’t circulated in the country, causing people to lament and blame the government.

Meanwhile some rich men have reportedly bought millions of new Naira cash from bank officials be it the major cause of frustration to the less privileges.

The angered youths described as ‘Hooligans’ have addressed their frustration by causing more havoc, destroying properties, chasing people with arms.




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