Tue. May 28th, 2024

Ejikeme Joy Mmesoma has confessed to manipulating her JAMB result.

In an Anambra panel findings, she confessed to the result forgery.
A screenshot of the report shared by a Nigerian journalist, Deborah Tolu-Kolawole on Twitter, JAMB made know the different attempts the teenager used to access its portal.
The exams body said at different times Mmesoma requested her result, scores delivered to her phone were the same 249.
Apart from that, JAMB said that there were discrepancies in he dates of birth and registration number. While speaking before the panel, Mmesoma said that she went to a cybercafe herself and printed the result she had already forged.
Nigerians react: @Felixity19 said: “Every human is capable of evil hence we must all continue to denounce it and support truth no matter who is the doer of the evil. I never understood the need to make this a tribal matter. Sorry for the insults and slurs.”
@Psalmuhelson_jr said: “Thanks
@DeborahToluwase for always fighting for the education sector.”
@Abelpter said: “They would hide their head in shame and not say anything. Oh they’re shameless. They will find more excuses to defend themselves.”
@Akosileayo001 said: “I already knew from the onset that she was a fraud. She should be punish accordingly. No short cut to success.”
@iamisrael2 said: “Hmmmm…. so many people want to tarnish the image of JAMB believing that the girl is innocent at age 19. It’s well o.”
@GarobaYounglord said: “Even though I didn’t insult anyone but I was against ppl that called the result fake and I am truly sorry for that. My bad. At this point she should go in for it.”

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