Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

By Sola Ojewusi

In a surprising turn of events today, Dr. Doyin Okupe, the Former Director General of the Labour Party’s Presidential Campaign, announced his resignation from the party. This decision comes as Dr. Okupe cited “ideological grounds” as the sole reason for his departure.

In a statement released earlier, Dr. Okupe emphasized that his resignation is not fueled by any personal grievances or animosity towards either the leadership or the members of the Labour Party. He made it clear that his departure is solely based on differences in ideology that he deems irreconcilable.

The seasoned politician, known for his significant contributions to the party, expressed gratitude for the time he spent within the Labour Party and highlighted that his decision is a principled one. Dr. Okupe did not delve into specific details regarding the ideological differences that led to this decision, leaving the public and party members speculating on the underlying factors.

As news of Dr. Okupe’s resignation reverberates through political circles, the Labour Party now faces the challenge of addressing the departure of a prominent figure within its ranks. The party’s leadership is yet to release an official response to Dr. Okupe’s announcement.

Political analysts are already speculating on the potential impact of this resignation on the dynamics within the Labour Party, as well as its implications for upcoming political events. Dr. Okupe’s decision to leave the party on ideological grounds adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing political landscape, leaving observers keenly watching how the party will navigate this unexpected development.

For now, the Labour Party is left to grapple with the departure of a seasoned political figure, and Dr. Doyin Okupe begins a new chapter in his political journey, one that he asserts is driven by unwavering adherence to his ideological principles.

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