Tue. May 28th, 2024

By Jimmy Fatunbi

Ruminating on the words of William Blake:

          "Hindsight is a wonderful thing but            
          foresight is better, especially when it 
          comes to saving life, or some pain!"

This writer will have joined many critics who will have argued in future that the fulcrum on which discovery and develoment of talents rest is sound health; that if Engineer Noah Dallaji’s African Children’s Talent Discovery foundation (ACTDF) is truly committed to talent’s discovery and development, it must have a thought for those grasping for breath.

Governor Ortom donning Engr Noah Dallaji in ceremonial robes
And befitting cap

This is because those who possess talents and whose talents are developed need life assurance. But proactively, ACTDF never allowed such a critiquing moment to unfold as it partners Benue state First Lady’s life saving foundation, Eunice Spring of Life Foundation (ELSF). What a delightful way to go!

The meeting between ACTDF and ELSF was held in Benue state on the 11th September, 2023 and involved the touchbearers of the two top Non-Governmental Organisations. While the session was on, Benue’s First Lady intimated ACTDF crew of her foundation’s achievements in Benue’ state and its commitment to the adoption of the SDG No. 3, which aims at providing access to quality healthcare and promote well being for all at all ages, by 2030. The president of ACTDF found credible link between the goals of both foundations and decided to sponsor ELSF’s major events.

Elated by this development, Mrs Eunice Samuel Ortom led Engineer Noah and his ACTDF’s team to the State house and facilitated a meeting between His Excellency Governor Samuel Ortom and Engineer Noah Dallaji’s team.

Inspired by this angelic gesture of the President of ACTDF, the governor did not only make ACTDF’s team have a treat at a banquet dinner, but also wished that Engineer Noah Dallaji had come from Benue state. Consolidating on his desire, he confered the status of Benue illustrious son on Engineer Noah Dallaji.

It was indeed a great moment for ENGR. Dallaji and his Host

Photo Credit: Patrick Michael N.

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