Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

As the country steep on the lowest valleys of social degradation and economic quagmire, threatened by sectional mistrust, a divine mandate out of the gloomy space shines as a beacon. This mandate inspired Apostle Philips while he was faithfully serving in the Lord’s vineyard at Christ Apostolic Church in (Maryland, U.S) and later at Jubilee Christian Church (Washington, D.C).


With over two decades in constant touch with his Maker, Apostle Philips is incessantly given to the ministry of intense studying of the Word, ceaseless prayers, mentorship, and communion with the Holy Spirit. These pillars of faith laid the principled foundation at Grace of God Ministries International in the United States of America.

Like the biblical Moses, the revered Apostle was primed to champion a unique cause by the leading of the Holy Ghost, to lead the clarion call that will further assert God’s own liberty to set free people from spiritual bondage and variegated oppressions.

Wearing this toga of spiritual endowments, he dedicated to the study of the book of Exodus which propelled the registration of the Apostle Philip Outreach Ministry (APM) in year 2015 in the United States of America.
Born and raised in the Lafiaji area of Lagos Island, Lagos-Nigeria from where he had relocated to the United States of America, he was led by the Lord to return back to his land of birth with the peculiar call to reaching out to the lost souls, the destitute and disadvantaged, and bring them to purpose in Christ.

According to Apostle Philips , he noted: “What do I hope to achieve? That the name of the Lord be glorified, first and foremost. That this sparks a revival for change in the community. That discussions for how to move the people in the community forward (as it pertains to health and healthcare) be initiated with the appropriate actions to follow, and be implemented”.

Driven by the passion for lost souls, the Apostle Philip Ministry will be holding the maiden edition of a massive outreach programme. The programme which holds on August 20, 2022 at Lafiaji, Lagos Island.
The outreach is an all-day affair with a morning session for medical testing of people and an evening program that is heralded by a revival session in the evening.

Speaking about the forthcoming event, the clergyman said: “By the grace and mercy of God, after the success of this event, I am believing in God that this will be an annual program that the community can look forward to in the years to come. God willing, it will be bi-annually, but as for now, an annual event is best.”






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