Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

A beautiful lady identified as Zukiswa Joyi has celebrated maintaining her virg*nity despite being 33.

Joyi celebrated her feat on Facebook on February 15, saying she made it out of Valentine’s Day still a virg*n.
Joyi, a sexual purity advocate, stated that whoever said everyone engages in premarital s*x is not telling the truth.
Her words: “I made it out of Valentines day still a Vi*rgin and I’m 33 years old, whoever told you everybody is doing it lied to you…. Ok Goodnight. “#Jesusbae “#Marriageb4s*ex “#NoToFornication. “#HonoringGod. #SexualPuritygang.”

Social media reactions

Kholwi Nephali said: “Glory to God, indeed not everyone is doing it. I’m a devorcee and I’ve been in the journey of sexual purity for 3 years now.” Dina Grace Moloja said: “This is awesome . God is still doing what he promised us. Purity all the way…… We bless the Lord.” Millicent Esinam Tsiya said: “Still intact at age 32, will forever be in till I get married.we moveeeee.” Yollam Oscar Ngwira said: “I made it into marriage as a vi*rgin . It was so beautiful and i was so proud of myself. I thanked God for keeping me to the vow i made and just some few days ago, a boy i advised to keep to himself is about to get married a vir*gin too and he thanked God for the sound advice i gave him some few years ago. I forgot and he reminded me that i did advise him about marriage before s*ex. Congratulations my dear and am happy for you.”

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