Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

The 2023 Presidential election is regarded by many as the make-or-break point of Nigeria and one of the leading candidates, Peter Obi, recently appeared on an IG Live session with popular comedian AY Makun. Mr Peter Obi during his live conversation with AY Makun made a comment that seems to have struck a chord with many Nigerians on how he has been able to keep up with his extremely busy schedule. The LP candidate noted that he would always make time to talk to the Nigerian people because he was seeking a job from them, which is to be the CEO of the country. Mr Obi further explained that anyone who was seeking a job never gets tired of attending interviews, no matter where it could be taking place.

See how netizens reacted
@therealawala: “Even if you don’t like PO… There is just so much to learn and admire about him. His life and work ethics. Imagine him being our president… He is going to inspire millions of people to be great.” @ohh.range_ricky: “He always have answers!!! How people prefer other candidates to Peter Obi is just beyond me.” @dean_essien: “God please, help Nigerians have sense for once & think beyond personal gain & allegiance’s.” @cheemaoz: “They said if Nigerians are spiritually aware, we will see that God has answered our prayers with PO.” @chinuaigwe: “I hope all the people saying if we miss him all have their pvc and will vote accordingly.” @_thesapioo: “I don’t understand why this election is still keenly contested. Are Nigerians blind.” @billibilly03: “I will never vote for him sha.”
Meanwhile, Lagosian Magazine recalls reporting that comedian Ayo Makun and singer Paul Okoye recently clashed on social media after the former made an unsatisfactory comment. AY in his post made reference to three major presidential candidates in the upcoming general elections, and Okoye accused the comedian of ‘sitting on the fence’. However, the comment didn’t go down well with AY who made it clear that there are entertainers who have done more work than he (Okoye) ahead of the elections.

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