Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

A Nigerian woman trying to obtain her PVC at the Eti Osa LGA office of INEC has accused officers of the electoral body of unleashing tear gas on innocent Nigerians in the process. In a voice note sent exclusively to our office, she decried the alleged brutal treatment being unleashed on citizens who went there to obtain their PVC.

The woman, herself a victim of the incident narrated how the event unfolded and PVC seekers maltreated. According to her, armed officers guarding the offices attacked people trying to register with Tear Gas, causing them to suffocate. She alleged that old people, pregnant women and nursing mothers were also victims of the incident.
According to her, a misunderstanding came up between the voters and the government officials on procedures in the hall leading to a heated argument.
The officers however responded disproportionately, shooting tear gas in the hall thereby exposing the electorates to serious danger.
According to the eye witness, the guards escalated the situation by locking the entrance doors, forcing the PVC seekers to shout and beg them to open the doors.

Meanwhile the incident has left people worrying about the ability of INEC to manage the huge rush for PVC without endangering the lives of the electorates, wondering what the purpose of tear gas was in such a closed environment.
Calls to the relevant authorities and INEC officials concerned were not successful as at press time.

Please find below the SOS voice note from the Nigerian citizen who pleaded anonymity.

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