Thu. Jul 29th, 2021

By Temitope Adefolaju

What the sun beholds
She lashes out in tears
What the earth withholds
She bears as tares
With every seed she bears.

Hidden in darkness
The sun pushes the moon to glow _
Warriors in the skies
Gather stars _ against darkness
Cardinal winds blow battle horns at night
The timid dust alas!
Swears allegiance to the wind
Great storms to make indeed
For men destroy nature
To create their own ills.

Calm skies connote no peace
Little do men know
That the one nation “Nature”
Is waxing stronger in wrath:
Global warming is her global warning !⚠️

Plant a tree today!
Stop indiscriminate burning :
Pollute not nature’s breath
Recycle plastics!
Let nature be placid
For nature rewards
All the gestures shown to her!
All boomerang with trailing blows
For what goes around
Certainly comes around!

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